After the completion of system’s design phase of any system is the phase of implementation. All designs are set into work here at this stage that is this is the stage where all theory is turned into absolute practice. The designed system can be loaded to the computer at this stage and a proper usage of the system is carried out.

Implementation is key to every system as any system no implemented is an incomplete or incompetent system.

Implementation Environment

PHP is used as a programming language for the implementation of the design. The programming environment for the database is Mysql which is connected to PHP.

Choice of Programming Language

The reasons for the choices of language are:

  • Familiarity with PHP and its environment
  • Flexibility and adaptability of MySql with PHP
  • Availability of the support and link tools (MySql) driver.
  • Availability of large collection of libraries
  • PHP being an object Oriented Language
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Hardware Requirement

  • Minimum of Pentium 111 233 MHZ or higher Processor
  • RAM Memory Requirement: minimum 256MB
  • 1.2 GB Hard disk space or higher
  • SVGA Monitor
  • Enhance or standard keyboard

Software Requirement

  • Operating System: Linux OS, Windows XP, Vista.
  • MYSQL Database.


System testing is described as the test conducted on a total integrated system to weigh up the system’s conformity with it precise desires. The proposed system has been tested with real life data and information.

Each program modules in this project has been carefully and thoroughly tested with appropriate data to ensure it works as expected.

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The program for the implementation of this system is coded into hard disk, floppy disk or CD-ROM drive; the user will be informed of the specific disk into which the program is coded.
To run these program one will need xampp server to serve as the local server at which the program will run.

One will also need web browser application running on the system.

After these applications are install, you lunch the xampp server and start Apache and MySQL. And also you launch the web browser.

Then in the browser type “localhost/exam”.
“Localhost” these refers to the hard disk drive where we previously store our source code and “exam” refers to the folder name of the stored source code.

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These will bring up the home page where you can login as either an Admin or a student.\


To run these application user will have to launch the xampp server and start the apache and MySql.

The user then start the system browser, which will be used to launch this application.

Then in the browser type “localhost/exam”

The application will start from the home page where you have to login in as either an Admin of a student with an already created username and password.

After login you can now navigate through the software with various links in the pages.

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