The project topic, web based entrance examination is a program that allow the conduction of examination electronically, where by registered candidate can take examination where it question is been uploaded by an administrator.

The registration of the examination candidate, the uploading of examination question, the taking of the examination by each candidate are all done electronically, that is on the computer system.

The system is more effective and efficient compare to the present system that is in terms of accuracy, time management, automated.


Here is an age where computer has become inevitable in virtually every accept of human endeavour this is largely because of the ability of computer to reduce over dependency on paper work. In addition, computer is fast, accurate and reliable.

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Many obstacles, as mentioned in the proceeded chapter, here been solved, a solution measure has been designed and implemented and has proved to be effective and efficient finally, it has been established that web based entrance examination has been used to substitute the paper based entrance examination and it improve the quality of conducting examination in institution of learning.


This approach has proved to be consistent, accurate, fast and reliable, the design and development of this system is flexible and dynamic, and so it can be used in any learning institution with a minor modification.

Taking the advantages of the newly develop system into consideration, with no doubt in my mind, I hereby, recommend this project to BRIGHTER COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE implementation as well as other institution of learning wishing to take entrance examination without much stress

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