Chapter 1 — Web based entrance examination


Examination is as old as education itself. The examination process is the past phase of teaching and learning. Traditionally, siting for an examination has been a very tough exercise, fearful enough for students.

However, with changing times, the procedure of conventional examination has changed. Now, the modern concept of examination is quite progressive and scientific.

Examination system is the system that deals with student’s performance, testing the level of assimilation of each student as regards to all have been taught in classroom or lecture class of which there should have been series of teaching, lectures learning.

The project, web based entrance examination we allow the student to write examination in a computerize system.

The system provides question to the students at the same time receives and verifies the answers to the question from the database. At the end of the exam, it gives percentage of marks obtained.

The student will first register with their respective names and other details and a username and password is allocated to them for writing the examination. The username and the password provides access to the system


background of the study

For the current system, the procedures of siting for entrance examination are being carried out manually by paper works and manpower.

When the school wants to carry out entrance examination registration, siting for the examination and grade of student are all done manually. This is insufficient and needs to involve few stages of manpower. It wastes a lot of time and it is costly.

Therefore, the new system is a web based entrance examination system that is able to perform the registration of student, siting for the examination and grading of student score.

It enables the school to carry out registration through a network of computer system, carry out entrance examination through a network of computer system, and grade the student with it respective to it scored. Besides that, the administrator can also administrate the system easily by adding, deleting and updating the data. This will be more efficient and sufficient.

significance of the system

The computer based entrance examination has the following features which make the proposed system able to solve some of the existing system problems:

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The system will be accurate to provide the right or agreed results with the needed degree of precision:

The system was precise in checking the exam
The system provides correct examination scores for students.

Analysis will be very easy in the proposed system as it is automated.

The proposed system is very secure with limited chances of leakage of questions as it dependent on the administrators only.

In comparison to the present system, the proposed system will be less time consuming and it’s more efficient. Less invigilation is needed.

aims and objectives

This project is aimed at creating an interface for examination it will also create an interface for examiner to create and store questions repository. It will also create a user friendly interface for the examiner’s to login with a specified username and password, and take the examination of which the rather than the old and manual time redundancy. The other objectives are as follows;

Automate the task carried out by different people in the organization to perform the student’s result collation.

To make the examination process in the school reliable and as possible error free.


It can easily manage large numbers of student and manage all details of student.

Reduce the time used in the process of the examination.

Real time report generation gives quick results to given exams


The system allows candidates to register and take examination in the system. The teachers of this system are allowed to login for contributing questions and viewing profile of the candidates.

Administrators will be able to access the system to sign up to a new entrance examination, manage questions, accounts and view profile of the candidates.


The application is basically written as a solution to the drawback of existing system. This application can be used as a real world application and by any organization. It could be used as a general application with few minor modifications.


limitation to this project is that, it can only be used by a computer literate. And also it does not give room for theoretical questions, only objective question and answer are provided where student are expected to select his/her answer from a given options.

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