Abstract — Web based entrance examination

Web based entrance examination improve the reliability for conducting examination, the system provided correct examination scores for students. Analysis will very easy in the proposed system as it sis automated, the proposed system is very secure with limited chances of leakage of question as it depend on the administrators only.

In comparison to the present system, the proposed system will be less time consuming and it’s more efficient, less invigilation is needed. One of the major objectives of this study is to easily manage large numbers of students and manage all details of student.

Web based examination simplify the process by which examination are delivered, taken and score electronically. It entails questions being deployed into computer workstations (intranet and internet) and candidates answering the questions on the computer.

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This project is prepared with web pages, these web pages consist of labels and text field as well as buttons. The label were used to put on sight information about the corresponding text boxes and the buttons was used to set in motion the running of some specified instruction.

PHP is used as a programming language for the implementation of the design. The programming environment for the database is Mysql which is connected to PHP

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