Train your cat to act like a decent celebrity,

Some people love their cats so much, but there are few behaviors, such as tearing up furniture, scratching people, and getting into areas you don’t want her to access, that are simply unacceptable. You will need to practice,patience and persistence to deter your cat’s bad behavior. With certain adjustments to her routine and the use of correcting techniques, you should be able to stop your cat from practicing bad
Understand the some common behavioral problems in cats.Though every cat is unique and may have specific issues or specific bad behaviors, most cats act out in seven ways:
Avoiding the litter box or refusing to use the litter box.
Marking furniture and other objects with their urine.
Scratching furniture and other objects in your home. Your cat may also scratch you or others when playfighting.
Acting aggressive towards other people or towards their owner.
Acting aggressive towards other cats in the home.
Displaying stress or anxiety.
Acting fearful of objects or people.
Bring your cat to the vet dr for a checkup to rule out any medical issues.Sometimes our cats will respond act out or display behavioral issues because they are struggling with a medical issue. For example, your cat may refuse to use his litter box due to a urinary tract infection, or he may actaggressively towards you because he is experiencing physical pain that is not immediately apparent to you. Some cats become fearful of people or objects due to vision issues and over groom themselves due to hyperthyroidism
Avoid physically or verbally punishing your cat.Physically or verbally reprimanding your cat is one of the least successful ways to correct your cat’s worst behavior. In fact, hitting your cat or yelling at him can lead your cat to act more fearful around you, be less willing to play with other people, and display more aggressive scratching and biting. Your cat will likely continue to act out when you are out of sight as he knows he can perform the behavior without punishment if you cannot see him.
Physical or verbal punishment is generally ineffective, as short-term solutions to your cat’s issues and will not stop your cat from acting out. Instead, it will create a more stressful environment for you and for your cat. Though it can be hard not to yell or hit your cat when they do something bad thing, like urine mark your furniture or go to the bathroom on the carpet instead of the litter box, it’s important that you take a deep breath as an owner and try to use a more effective correcting technique.
Use remote correction.This technique connects an unpleasant texture, smell, taste, or sound with a certain bad behavior to deter your cat from doing them. You can use home supplies to do remote correction,
YouProvide scratching posts and daily play sessions.Most cats act out due to boredom or under stimulation, so it is important that you commit to daily play sessions with your cat. Use a toy,or several toys, when playing with your cat to deter him from playing rough with your hands or arms. Focushis attention on the toys during the play sessions and switch up the toys each week so he does not get bored.
Scratching posts are also good for deterring your cat from scratching furniture or other fabric objects. Place scratching posts in communalareas of your home or your cat’s favorite spots.
Use cat pheromones to reduce stress in the home.If your cat is urine marking or urine spraying, it can help to use a synthetic cat pheromone in the home. It can reduce stress and prevent your cat from urine marking ifhe is feeling anxious or fearful.
This pheromone is usually delivered through a diffuser or a spray and can be found at your local pet store.

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